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BES Recycling Committee & The Green Club

The BES Recycling Committee welcomes input from parents and guardians. If you are interested attending a BES Recycling Committee meeting, please contact Mrs. Sarausky.

Belmont Elementary School has a Recycling Committee composed of staff members invested in bringing pre-cycling, reducing waste, reusing, and recycling awareness to all B.E.S. students.  In 2008, our school won a bronze medal,and in 2009, our school won a silver medal based on our recycling initiatives. In 2010, our school was recognized as Recycling School of the Year for the State of NH.  In 2011,Mrs. Sarausky was awarded the Recycling Teacher of the Year. These medals and awards were presented by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association. Belmont Elementary School is a member of their School Recycling Club.

The Green Club is a co-curricular program for students. Green Club members promote recycling activities during the year at B.E.S.

Since 2008, B.E.S. has…

  • • had a recycling dumpster placed on school grounds
  • • purchased recycling bins for each classroom
  • • trained students HOW and WHAT to recycle in the dumpster
  • • had a school-wide program to encourage using both sides of paper
  • • started having school announcements emailed to staff
  • • recycled Christmas cards to be used next year as writing prompts
  • • had school-wide contests to encourage recycling awareness
  • • had contests and programs that involved students AND their families
  • • designed bi-monthly bulletin boards that showed contest or program results
  • • sold compost bins, kitchen pails, and rain barrels to community
  • • had a representative attend the NRRA Recycling Conference
  • • we continued all of the above programs and made them even better
  • • recycled Tropicana plastic bottles to help save an area in the rainforest
  • • started recycling juice pouches with Terracycle (1 or 2 cents earned for each juice pouch
  • collected) Terracycle uses the pouches to make backpacks, pencil cases, and lunch bags
  • • used last year’s Christmas cards as writing prompts for creative writing stories
  • • all classrooms weighed their recycling for two weeks
  • • BEST brought in BJ Hickman, a magician with a recycling focus
  • sponsored a school-wide,anti-bullying assembly
  • hosted contests to promote recycling throughout the school
  • designed a recycling logo for BES

Web Links of Interest

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To view the BES Recycling Brochure, click on the file below.

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